About PMCwebs

Update September, 2014:  Ownership of PMCwebs.com.au is undergoing transition to new owners.  The original owner Pete Martin will be maintaining a consultative position with the new company.  Apart from that, nothing will change, the same personalised service will continue!

PMCwebs.com.au is owned and operated by Pete Martin. Pete has been surfing the net since the early 90’s, well before most people in ‘Generation X’ even knew that the net existed. Tinkering with the Linux operating system was the only way to surf and access the Internet back in those days. Pete’s first registered domain was (not surprisingly) petemartin.com. Gradually Pete and some friends started to create more and more websites. These sites needed somewhere to be hosted and eventually Pete and friends began ‘reselling’ web hosting under the name PMCwebs.com. PMC originates from the domain name PeteMartin.Com.

Over time it became apparent that ‘reselling’ someone else’s web space wasn’t the best way to go and in 2006 PMCwebs.com became known as PMCwebs.com.au and started their involvement in web hosting by investing in their own Dedicated Server. Support is predominantly handled by Pete however some back office and administration functions are outsourced at this stage. 24/7 server monitoring is also outsourced in order to present the highest level of reliability.

Eventually the PMCwebs website was overhauled and you are now looking at the results of that evolution.